Wilderness travelers are usually forced to make compromises when planning their menus. When packing with llamas, however, we can enjoy delightful meals prepared without freeze-dried ingredients. Our breakfasts feature fresh fruits, Swedish pancakes topped with maple syrup and (in season) fresh berries, and real coffee. Dinners include lasagna with garlic bread, fresh vegetables and crisp green salads from the garden, zesty enchiladas with all the trimmings, occasional fresh trout and delectable desserts.


A Typical Menu


Mexican grits (baked grits, eggs, cheese, onion and chile peppers) topped with salsa
mandarin orange muffins
coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice


smoked salmon, swiss cheese and sliced cucumber on crackers
almonds, raisins, and apple slices with gjetost (Norwegian goat cheese)
ginger cookies


merlot, chardonnay, cranberry juice
red pepper slices, celery sticks and cauliflower with ranch and blue cheese dip
chicken raging bull on quinoa (grain of the Incas)
warm Scottish oat bread and butter
mocha truffle cookies
tea, hot chocolate

While hiking we provide our homemade trail mix of:
cashews, raisins, peanuts, dried apricots, almonds, pumpkin seeds and chocolate