An Update from the Rasmussen Family,

For 39 years Raz Rasmussen has been leading llama pack trips in the Wallowa mountains. While preparing for the season this year (which he had proclaimed to be his last before retirement), he was experiencing a lot of back pain. He led the first trip to Spring creek in May and upon his return entered into a health crisis due internal bleeding caused by overuse of pain medication. He spent two weeks in the hospital before stabilizing and in that time was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. He has had neurosurgery to remove a tumor that was attached to his spine, and has started hormone therapy. This will be followed by radiation and possibly chemotherapy as well. We hope he will respond well to treatment, but there are many unknowns, and currently he is weak from the surgery and loss of blood. He was happy to return to the llama farm this week, and grateful for all the friends and family who have kept things running in his absence. (Which included dealing with a complication during a llama birth!) The two other spring creek trips have been cancelled, and in order for him to rest and focus on his treatments, we have decided to cancel the rest of the 2024 season. Nobody is more disappointed about this than Raz himself. We investigated the possibility of hiring other guides, but if you have had the privilege to join a trip led by Raz you will know how much energy and care goes into each trip, and it is important for him to focus on his health and not the llama business this summer. We are starting this fundraising campaign to help Raz and Louise during this journey. It is with heavy hearts that we look upon the summer of 2024 without llama pack trips, but also important that Raz shifts his energy to care for his health as much as possible.

With Gratitude, 
The Rasmussens

Image of llamasin a pack with cowboy hats. Heading says LLAMA BUSINESS FOR SALE
Wallowa Llamas Business for Sale

For Sale: Established Llama Pack Tour Business in the Wallowas


Wallowa Llamas, a premier guided tour business, is now available for sale. Established in 1985, this business offers an incredible opportunity to own a piece of Eastern Oregon’s natural splendor. With a strong reputation and a comprehensive set of resources, this is a turnkey operation for anyone passionate about outdoor adventures and eco-tourism.

Key Features:

  • Permits: 293 priority user days in the Eagle Cap and Hells Canyon Wildernesses
  • Reserve Sites: Three prime locations - Eagle Meadow, Crater Lake, and Pine Lakes
  • Assets:
    • 12 trail-hardened male pack llamas
    • 10 male trainees
    • 8 female breeding llamas
    • A variety of high-quality packs and saddles, including 11 Shasta packs, 6 Sopris saddles (with coolers, cookboxes, and packs), and 3 Bonny Doon saddles
    • 10 tents (4 MountainSmith 4-person, 6 REI 2-person)
    • Essential camping gear: halters, leads, tie-out stakes, rain covers, dining fly, 8 camp chairs, and water filtration system with bags
  • Extras: Complete website, contact list, brand name


$250,000 USD

Business History:

Since 1985, Wallowa Llamas has led guided tours through Oregon’s largest wilderness area, the Eagle Caps. Our llamas carry the amenities, allowing hikers to enjoy the rugged beauty of the Wallowa Mountains with ease and luxury.

Founders’ Story:

In 1983, Raz Rasmussen and Steve Backstrom, inspired by a backpacking trip, decided to raise llamas and offer pack trips into the Wallowas. Their vision came to life through hard work and exploration of new routes and camps. In 1991, Louise Antaya Rasmussen joined the team, bringing her culinary skills to the backcountry with exquisite, organic meals.

Why Buy Wallowa Llamas?

  • Established Reputation: Decades of experience and a strong presence in the wilderness tour industry
  • Turnkey Operation: Comprehensive set of assets and established business processes
  • Growth Potential: Expand into new routes, offer more tours, or increase marketing efforts to boost bookings

Contact Information:

For more details or to express interest, please contact us at or call 1-541-742-2961.



See of yellow balsam root flowers in a canyon.


Hike along the Snake River for two miles and then up the Spring Creek trail through spring wildflowers to our camp under the pines. Two layover days allow us time to explore the bench trail as it traverses expansive meadows of arrowleaf balsamroot.

This trip starts at the Summit Point Trailhead (6,500′). We hike 7 miles over an 8,200′ pass to our base camp above Pine Lakes where we will spend 3 nights.


This trip starts at Boulder Park (elev. 5000 feet) on Main Eagle Creek. A hike of four miles and up 1300 feet brings us to our base camp at Eagle Meadow, where we spend 3 nights, surrounded by granite peaks and bisected by sparkling Eagle Creek.


We start at Summit Point (6,500′) and hike 8 miles and up 2,000′ over Nip and Tuck passes to our camp above Crater Lake where we will spend 3 nights.

Meet the llamas

The sure-footed, even tempered llamas are ideal companions on the trail. Six thousand years of domestication by the Inca tribes of South America’s high Andes have resulted in these cousins of the camel being wilderness packers without equal. Their calm, intelligent manner is quickly communicated to their human friends.


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Lower Pine Lakes from Above